Mentoring for Personal and Professional growth

Mentoring is a tried and tested method of enabling personal and professional growth that involves the mentor using their own skills, knowledge and experience to support and guide their mentee to achieve their goals and reach their potential.

  • Mentoring is centred on building a positive, trusting relationship with the aim of facilitating the mentee to agree and work towards personal goals.
  • Mentoring can take place on a one to one basis or in a group setting.
  • Mentoring can be used for a short-term period to achieve a focussed objective or become a longer term relationship.
  • Mentoring involves using powerful, impactful conversations to improve mentees’ knowledge, confidence or skills in a particular area.
  • Mentoring is a form of positive role-modelling that guides, motivates and encourages mentees.
  • Mentoring sessions are enjoyable, energetic and engaging.
  • Mentoring involves providing honest and useful feedback to mentees.
  • Mentors won’t have all the answers but at Corum we will always do our best to find one to support you and as part of our own learning journey.
  • Mentors are genuinely committed to and motivated by your success.

Our mentoring specialisms include the following areas: executive, governance, senior leadership, emerging leaders, personal development, career progression, charity sector, social enterprise, social care, education and career transition.  Corum Coaching is a member of the Scottish Mentoring Network.

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Client Testimonial

Jenny has supported me through some pretty important steps in my personal development, showing encouragement and support at the right points in the right way.

For me, she’s been a confidence boost, a problem-solver and a sounding board.

She communicates well, an expert listener and has a natural feel for how to let you get to your destination under your own steam.


Mentee ACOSVO mentoring programme

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